MichiganUB's FAQs

So what does "UB" stand for?

"UB" is shorthand for The Church of the United Brethren in Christ. It's quite a mouthful. You can see why it gets shortened. You'll also hear us referred to as the United Brethren Church. Whatever you prefer. We're flexible.

What kind of denomination are you?

A lot of people wonder if we are connected with other churches with "Brethren" in their name. The short answer is no, it is merely coincidental.

We started in the later 1700s as an interdenominational group of ministers working together on evangelism and education. Along the way they sponsored new churches where there weren't any (this was during the USA's expansion west) and eventually became a independent denomination. One of the neat things about us is a direct result of how we began. Because there were ministers from different church backgrounds, they focused on the basic beliefs they had in common rather than their differences. To this day we still believe that Christians should be united in the essentials of faith and be flexible on the rest.

Are there many "UB" churches around?

There are about 45 UB churches, 2 youth centers, and 3 camps currently in Michigan. Of those, 34 churches, two camps - Camp Living Water and Carson City Christian Camping Center, and Lakewood Youth Center are part of Michigan Conference; the other 12 churches and camp work in our sister conference, Michindoh. Those are not static numbers, however. We are always looking for places where people don't go to church and when we find such a place, we work to start new congregations. And organizations, like churches, have life cycles similar to people, and sometimes they come to the end of their life. So the number fluctuates.

There are around 40,000 people world wide who are involved with UB churches. Not the biggest denomination. Not the smallest either.

What do you mean by "Michigan Conference"?

Until 2005, The United Brethren Church, USA was organized into smaller regioinal groupings of churches. The Michigan Conference was one of those groupings and was roughly the same as the state of Michigan. There were some UB churches in the very south tier of counties of Michigan that belonged to another grouping called Michindoh Conference.

In 2005 the United Brethren began an organizational renewal process to empower ministry for the 21st century Part of that process was eliminating oganizational layers to create a more flexible, adaptable structure for ministry. Annual conferences were replaced with accountability and equipping groups called "clusters". Four "regions" were created, but are part of the national administrative process, not organizational entities. The ability to create short and long term ministry-focused (parachurch) networks is allowed.

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